Saving Money On A Limousine Or Party Bus


To make sure you have a special day coming up? It's your birthday, anniversary, or you're just interested in having a party bus or limousine for great time just because you deserve it? That's great. After endless days at work, plenty of weekends spent coping with chores and housework, and who knows what other commitments that you have had to take care of you deserve not only a break nevertheless a party! Everyone who works hard deserves a break, you included.

One of the major deterrents in regards to renting a limousine or a party bus is the fact that they can break the bank. Lets be honest, they can be downright expensive. It might be a good idea to checklist some of the reasons that transportation can get so pricey.

Limousines are and party buses are gas guzzlers. Limo companies have got to pay for the fuel somehow and unfortunately that means passing the cost on to the consumer.

Most limousine and also party bus companies pay their drivers handsomely because they strive for a higher quality driver than the next company which often in return benefits you with great service.

In the limousine and vegas party bus industry it's difficult to find a reputable corporation. When calling for quotes a lot of customers contact companies that are not insured, will pull a bait together with switch, or ones that will downright lie about the vehicle they're giving you. That alone is why the quotes sound so affordable. It is best to find a company that offers all-inclusive quotes. This ensures that you don't end up paying more than you were offered at the end of the night.

Anyhow, now that you know why prices can seem so expensive, it is time to walk people through the process of ordering a limousine or party bus from any of the hundreds, if not thousands, of companies in the.

Reserving a Limousine or Party Bus

Generally when one calls a party bus or limousine service, that conversation goes something like this:

You: "Hi I'd like to rent a vehicle. "

Service: "What day would you like to rent an individual? "

You: "I am not sure but I'd like to rent one. "

Service: "We need to know the day that you want to rent one. "

You: "Either a Thursday or a Friday. "

Service: *pulls hair out*

As you can discover it's kind of a cyclical conversation. In order to solve this, you can simply have a bit of information handy and you'll be ready to streamline the process for you and the limousine service.

Here's what all limousine or party bus renters need to do. Have a day or list of dates written down. Other than that the renter will need to have the pick up and drop off times and sites. Most limousine companies have a service area and they need that information in order to determine if they can even help you in any respect.

Other than that, be sure to have to let us know what you anticipate the maximum number of people being on the vehicle. This will allow the service to propose what types of vehicles you are eligible of using. Not only does this help us but it also helps you save money by never ordering a vehicle that is bigger than your needs.

Now that that tidbit of information is out of the way, lets move into some tips on saving money when renting a limousine or party bus! That's what you came here for nevertheless, right? These tips are pretty general so they should be handy in just about any city or state. However , a few specific cities might even have more ways to save money!

Tip #1 - Ask about what is included in the price

This tip fades to everybody. People generally agree on price quotes without even knowing what they are agreeing to and that is possibly not ideal. At any reputable company, for example , the price quote that is given includes your hourly rate, your taxi driver gratuity, and your fuel charges. At Company B down the road, however , the quote might just be the hourly rate, departing you befuddled as to why your driver is demanding a mandatory gratuity and fuel surcharge at the end of the day. No good. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying for and it will benefit you quite a bit in the end. That way a $540 quote doesn't have 20% added on to it, plus a $100 surcharge, making it a $748 quote. Just keep in mind that any sort of hidden mandatory gratuity is not gratuity. It is a hidden fee. Don't be fooled by companies that have hidden fees.

Rule #2 - Avoid busy days/seasons

Every limousine or party bus company across the globe has busy days/busy months. If you want to save money and the date that you want to party isn't a specific date then consider booking your transportation in the off season or days. You'll be able to save lots of money. For example , most luxury transportation companies offer discounted rates with Monday through Thursday. If you can book your transportation on those days then you'll save money immediately. Also as pleasant secondary is the fact that Winter is the off-season for most Midwest/east coast companies. This means that from October to April, you may immediately have savings simply by booking.

Tip #3 - Save money by splitting the cost between friends

It seems really basic but this is, by far, the best way to save money when renting a luxury vehicle. There will be no quiz but lets complete some math. If a party bus costs $600 to rent for the evening. If you split that number concerning you and yourself that means you get to pay $600. If, however , you split that cost between the 14 some others on the vehicle with you for that evening, you only pay $40. 00 ($600 / 15 people)! Not bad right? $ 40 for an entire evening of fun with a professional chauffeur? Not a bad cost!

All in all, the cost of a limousine or even party bus can be either frightening or it can go better than expected. There are quite a few ways to save money when reserving a luxury vehicle but the main focus of this article is to split the cost, have a flexible date, and know what just you're paying for before your day of service comes and don't pay a penny more. If you keep these points in your mind that you'll have a great experience with whatever company you choose to be your limousine or party bus provider.